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\ lȯk̲ • ē • nə\

Lady of the Lake. 
This is the part where I explain the story of my name.  

Loch Lomond. Loch Quoich.  Loch Katrine. Loch Leven. Loch Ness.  Scotland is full of water old and deep.  Arms of the sea reaching inland.  Water held in the kilted folds of the highlands. 

An ancient Scottish Celtic name, Lochlanina is a feminine form of Lochlan. The man who travels from the land of lakes. With the addition of the feminine ending -ina, for some reason the pronunciation of the name and the spelling of the name diverged.  The -lan- became silent.  A hidden island in the middle of a watery Scottish name.  Loch (land) Ina.  Lake Woman. Water Woman. Lady of the Lakes.  
\ lȯk̲ • ē • nə \

Very sensibly most people decided this was too confusing and stopped naming their daughters Lochlanina.  But the name lingered.  

My father tells the story of the woman I am named for.  One school year all the students of the UK were to write to each other, pen pals were assigned with a twist.  Children were to write to other children that had their same name.  There were no other Lochlaninas.  Somehow a newspaper reporter heard about this and a nationwide search was launched to find another living Lochlanina.  After months of searching, she was still the only one.  In the end they bought her a large doll and called it Lochlanina.

Many years later and across an ocean I was born into this legacy.  Part of my heritage and part of my character, the uniqueness of my name forms a thread through the story of my life.  A story that leads me to the name of Jesus. I am led through storms and beside still waters, for His name's sake. (Psalm 25) 

\ lȯk̲ • ē • nə\PresenterEco-Poet